Medical Plans

The HMCA Medical Plans provide comprehensive benefits when you need them.

HMCA’s view is that whilst the NHS is a resource available to all, it does not treat everything in the place and time that suits you or your family.

It is also our view that no one should have to wait to go into hospital. To be in pain, waiting to go into hospital and unable to carry on your normal life is a triple blow for anyone. We have all heard of people who have been in this situation of not knowing when they will get the treatment they need.

Membership of HMCA medical plans provides the freedom to choose both the specialist and the hospital. Access to fast and efficient treatment by top surgeons. All ages are accepted.

Transferring medical
cover to HMCA?

Any future claims made for acute conditions originating at the time you were participating in your previous plan will be honoured, subject to terms and conditions.

New to private
medical cover?

From the first day you join you will be covered for any acute medical conditions that occur after your joining date with us. Any medical conditions that are pre-existing at your joining date will be covered after one full year’s membership providing you have been treatment and symptom free for 12 consecutive months.