Cash Plans

Reduce unexpected medical expenses.

If you have ever been faced with unexpected medical expenses the HMCA Care Starter Cash Plan is one way you can reduce these unexpected expenses.

Unexpected conditions that incur medical expenses on a yearly basis are optical checkups for your eyes or remedial Dental care. Other examples are using a chiropractor or osteopath when required. Or you may find yourself consulting your Doctor regarding a medical condition that requires hospital treatment and the use of an ambulance. Also, don’t forget about the cost of prescriptions.

Care Starter Cash Plan Benefits.

On occasion you may require day case treatment in your local hospital or an unexpected accident may cause a permanent disability. Finally lets not forget about cover when travelling in the EEA. There are many more instances where the Care Starter Cash Plan can provide benefits, easing the financial strain that you have when these medical situations occur.

Cover may be transferred from an existing Cash Plan. Future claims made for conditions originating at the time you were participating in the previous plan will be honoured.

The HMCA Care Starter Cash Plan has the following benefits: